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  • Mabiloft


    We are a team of developers and designers based in Padua, Italy. We make mobile applications and web apps, using Flutter, React and React Native.

  • Chet Haase

    Chet Haase

    Android and comedy. Not necessarily in that order.

  • Anupam Chugh

    Anupam Chugh

    Pouring thoughts in technology and code. Writer with over 2M views. An Android and iOS developer by the day. Investor. Sometimes funny. linktr.ee/anupamchugh

  • Roman Elizarov

    Roman Elizarov

    Project Lead for the Kotlin Programming Language @JetBrains

  • Marcos Holgado

    Marcos Holgado

    Senior Android Developer at DuckDuckGo. Speaker, Kotlin lover and I also fly planes. www.marcosholgado.com

  • Gabriel Peal

    Gabriel Peal

    Android at Tonal. Lottie and MvRx. Formerly Airbnb and Android Auto at Google.

  • Aris Papadopoulos

    Aris Papadopoulos

    Android Software Engineer. RxJava, Kotlin, SOLID, Clean code, Clean Architecture and other cool stuff.

  • Kenji Abe

    Kenji Abe

    Programmer / Gamer / Google Developers Expert for Android, Kotlin / @STAR_ZERO

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